Intuit QuickBooks

EST’s QuickBooks add-on solutions addresses the unique business needs that not present in the out-of-the-box product

Our QuickBooks Practice offers add-ons solutions, Customization & Integration services to Pro Advisors, CPA’s, Custom Application Development Partners & End users of QuickBooks who are looking for cost effective Solutions.

Services offered for QuickBooks:

  • Develop Add on products which are integrated with QuickBooks
  • Data Import & export automations
  • Data Exchange between Web Application & QuickBooks using Web Connector
  • Custom report / dashboard solutions
  • Maintenance of existing software products & Upgrades
  • Intuit SDK / Anywhere based integrations

We use Intuit Software Development Kit, Intuit Anywhere & Intuit Merchant SDK for integrations.

Some of the widely used Integration Solutions:

QuickBooks Integration with

  • Any External database – MS SQL, MS Access & Legacy Systems
  • Microsoft Excel (for Order Management etc.)
  • Integration with other CRM or Time Sheet Entry or Invoice Application

Solutions for Intuit QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and QB POS

Expert Solution Technology has been offering fastest invoicing process, bookkeeping and billing services collectively under one roof from many years. In all those years, we found that one single solution could never fit all. So, we have comprised of several simple solutions to meet everyone’s need.

QB-Solutions Automatic Batch Emailing Invoices

This automatically forwards the customer invoices in PDF format from QuickBooks through the SMTP mail server after without using any mailing systems. Every month, utility sends the credit notes to the customer.

Importing Multi Currency Files into QuickBooks

This tool efficiently read almost every multi-currency files including IIF, CSV, XML, XLS and other custom file formats. It converts them to QuickBooks with an appropriate exchange rate. Generally, the default IIF import doesn’t support the multicurrency format, to simplify this process we have offered this solution to our customers.

Transferring QuickBooks Invoices to Website

Anyone can ask for the access to his or her invoice anytime. To offer the access and get paid online, it would be an ideal way to automate the entire process. This automated process has fastened the invoice payment process and there is no need to email or fax them. Customer himself gets the access to their invoices to maintain the balance.

What to Order / Inventory Replenishment Utility

It is a report cum process utility that scans all the vital company information in QuickBooks. It instructs the customer about the files that they would need in near future. This utility scales the existing quantity in the warehouse, the open POs where they can expect the stock and the SOs where they can expect the sales. Moreover, it alerts the customer every time the item starts to move negative.

SO to PO Invoice

This utility loads all the open SOs and creates the POs in a single click. All the products from SOs and POs are combined on vendor’s preference base. In POs it considers customer address for shipments. Once it is shipped, the customer can create the invoices at a single shot in one click.

Excel Based QB sales analysis Report

This utility creates a excel report having information regarding item sales, arranged according to date. Apart from that, QuickBooks also provides the information regarding quantity in hand and expected quantity.

Instruction sheet from the vendor

It generates an excel sheet for all POs vendors in a single click. The sheet includes all items sent to that vendor sorted according to dates. It allows mapping of product description including company and vendor details.

Price / Cost Change History Tracker and Reporting

This utility tracks changes in price taking place in QuickBooks. It tracks every change by user and records it in history. This help the users to see the price changes across the year and last time when it changed in Quick Books.

Know your Business – Alert Utility

This utility will automatically send an email that contains your critical QuickBooks financial data periodically to make you aware of things like – Cash in bank & AR Amount / Total Sales / Amount to be paid for vendors / Income gained. It can be helpful in taking decisions appropriately to manage your business.

Expense Distributer

Expense distributer is an add-on utility for QuickBooks that enters your expense from one QuickBooks company to others. It is useful for those people who use to maintain their account in multiple companies. It displays the expenses on user’s screen to select percentage of the distribution in QB companies.

All the above-mentioned solutions provided by Expert Solution Technologies allow customers to track their inventory, sales, and customer information.

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